About the band

Band name: Uncarnate
Genres: futurepop, electro-industrial, dark wave
Country: Poland

We met at a dark independent festival and within five minutes of a not particularly sober conversation it was clear that we needed to start a band. What follows is a blend of cold modern electronic sounds and deep melodic vocals. The music will make you dance while contemplating the growing feeling of internal anxiety.

Band members:

  • Wojciech Jarzębak — vocals, lyrics and concept, composition
  • Adam Radziszewski — music, sound design, programming and production

Wojciech has empowered several rock bands. Adam has experience in producing harsh and ominous sounds for Orbicide band (dark electro). Uncarnate is a new adventure which nobody expected. Stay tuned!

Since April 2017 Uncarnate is also playing live gigs!

Follow us: facebook.com/uncarnate
Contact us: uncarnate.band@gmail.com